Rik Cornelissen | accordion
Wim Warman | piano
Taco Nieuwenhuizen | bass
Enrique Firpi | drums

“Tocar” (Spanish) means to touch, to feel, to handle, to contact, to sound, to play… the music of Tocar is about the joy of life and sensuality. Music that seduces you and touches you with the excitement of the unknown, the desire to relax and have thrilling experiences at the same time. The space you experience in nature, the freedom you feel while travelling. A warmth that embraces you and a breeze that caresses you.

Tocar displays a musical openness and it keeps exploring and crossing musical boundaries: tango, latin, jazz… Tocar is inspired by music from Astor Piazzolla, Bill Evans, and Chick Corea. Different genres are mixed together, just like mixing herbs and spices in an exotic dish.

Album “Birds of Paradise”

The colourful appearance of the bird of paradise, accomplished by natural selection and mixing, symbolises the music of Tocar. A picturesque palette of colours and styles mix in a natural way to create something new. The compositions and arrangements derived from this have given Tocar a unique sound – open and accessible, modest yet explosive.

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Rik Cornelissen | accordion
Vincent Houdijk | vibes
Maciej Domaradzki | bass

De naam TRIFID is een verwijzing naar de ‘Trifid Nebula’, een zeldzame combinatie van drie neveltypes wat een kleurrijke schouwspel in de ruimte creëert. Het kan omschreven worden als een energieveld in het universum, waarin volop ontwikkeling is en dat de geboorteplaats vormt van nieuwe sterren.

De muziek van TRIFID is dromerig, intiem en spannend – een unieke samensmelting van accordeon, vibrafoon en contrabas. De combinatie van deze instrumenten is ongebruikelijk en zorgt dan ook voor een heel nieuwe klankstelsel. Eigen composities vormen de basis waarin de drie solisten zich als heldere nieuwe sterren manifesteren.


Rik Cornelissen | accordion

Curious, always following my own ideas, well considering, creative, forming my own identity and views and most of all enthusiastic. These values characterise the musical journey which I have undertaken from the moment I started studying the accordion. Although respecting the traditional sounds, whether classical, jazz, tango or latin I’ve always been searching for a piece of ‘me’ in the music. This solo project reflects who I am, the journey I’ve made and where I stand as a musician right now.

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